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More Advanced Vedic Astrology, Jyotish Courses

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Learn to use Jaimini, Chara Dasha, Systems Approach, KP, Brighu Progressions, Tertiary Progressions, Eclipses, Astrocartography and Tajika/Western Aspects, the Outer Planets.

This course is for students of Jyotish that have finished the Course Applied Vedic Astrology and the Advanced Course    

In the course Advanced Techniques for Jyotish you will learn the basics of a number of techniques which are very useful and which work in practice.

The contents are:

At the end of each lesson there will be one or more assignments in which you use the knowledge which you just learned. All assignments will be done on the basis of the personal chart.

The course material includes:

Fee: If the course has to be sent by regular mail the fee is two terms of $ 190. The internet offer is 2 times $ 135. In that case the material will be sent to you as a pdf file.

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Rectification of a chart, setting up an astrological practise, more KP, advanced techniques for analysing relationships, Iyer techniques (yogi point, avayogi a.o.), partial aspects,  fatal degrees, rashi tulya navamsha, how to use dispositors to summarize a chart, akriti and sankhya yogas, special yogas (neecha bhanga, vipareeta, house yogas, kala sarpa a.o.).

This is a course for students of Jyotish that have finished the Course Applied Vedic Astrology, the Advanced Course, the Course Advanced Techniques and want to explore more techniques.    

The contents are:

This course consists of ten lessons. The fee is:

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For information about the Dirah Academy International Diploma click here.

In the course advanced knowledge a lot of attention is being paid to the analysis of yogas at an advanced level.
Click here for an article about the yogas of enlightenment. The chart of Osho is used as an example

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